Why You Should Upgrade to a Metal-Free Crown

June 2, 2023

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a closeup of a dental crown being placed

Dental crowns are one of the most commonly used restorative solutions in dentistry, easily capable of tackling a wide range of issues but most well-known for assisting teeth that have suffered from extensive decay. Historically, these solutions have been made from metal amalgam; and while these have served several patients well over the years, there comes a time when they’ll need to be replaced. And thanks to advancements in technology, there’s now an even better option for your pearly whites—metal-free crowns! Here are a few reasons why your dentist thinks you should consider a metal-free crown if it’s time to replace one of your metal ones.

Reason #1. Metal Crowns Can Cause Increased Sensitivity

Metal is an excellent conductor of temperature, so needless to say, when metal crowns come into contact with hot or cold items, you can immediately feel the sensation right down into your tooth. This can be quite painful at times and can make it tough to enjoy some of your favorite foods and drinks. Fortunately, metal-free crowns don’t come with this increased sensitivity.

Reason #2. There’s a Greater Risk of Tooth Decay

Crowns are designed to cover the decayed portion of your tooth and protect it from further damage; however, sometimes they simply end up only concealing the damage. Having your metal crown removed and replaced with a non-metal alternative allows your dentist to address any existing decay before the tooth becomes unsalvageable.

Reason #3. They Can Cause MRI Interference

MRIs, or magnetic resonance imaging scans, rely on special machines that utilize magnetic fields to grant healthcare providers a clearer picture of the human anatomy. Unfortunately, metal crowns can interfere with MRIs since the metals in them respond to magnetic fields.

Reason #4. They Make You Look Older

It’s also worth noting that metal crowns are a much older form of dental technology, and since many people usually don’t need dental crowns before a certain age, it might be deduced that you’re older if you have metal crowns. Plus, non-metal options more closely resemble your natural teeth, which in turn helps you to look more youthful!

Although metal crowns have been able to assist numerous patients over the years, they still come with a few inherent risks and discomforts. That said, replacing them with non-metal alternatives will ensure that your smile doesn’t just look better; it feels better too, and is protected in the long run!

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